15 Quick Ways to Get Rid of a Headache Without Medicine At Home

Headaches can be very uncomfortable to deal with.
They are conditions that most people deal with in day-to-day life. They not only hinder a person’s comfort level, and can be painful to deal with. There are many ways to get rid of headaches without relying on medications.

The world health organization mentions that every person at some point will experience one kind of headache. While home remedies
There are different types of headaches, each with various cause and symptom. Some of them are;

  • Tension – Tension headache is characterized by a dull pain, pressure or tightness around the back of the head. It is sometimes characterized by trouble sleeping, irritability and muscle aches.
  • Migraine – migraines are usually characterized by throbbing pains on the side of the head.
    At times, other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting can also be experienced. There have been cases of increased sensitivity to different elements such as light, noise, and smell. The most common symptoms of migraines are numbness, muscle weakness, difficulty speaking, and partial vision loss. They get once with exhaustion

The different issue could lead to headaches such as eye strain, too much noise, dehydration, lack of exercise, and inadequate sleep.

  • Cluster headaches – cluster headaches known to be more likely to develop in men other than men. They are mainly characterized by intense pain around the eye. The other symptoms are a runny nose, agitation, watering eye and swollen eye among others.
    Cluster headaches have been known to occur among smokers.


15 ways to cure headaches without using medicine

Most people have grown to rely on medications to get relief from headaches. This is not a bad thing because the pain one gets from headaches at times can be unbearable.
There is an increased risk; however, that continued use of medications can with time be unsuccessful.

Have you ever gotten to a point where the medicines that used to give you fast relief ceases to work? Do you find that you have to double the amount you take unlike before?

In any case, if you find that you must take more than you used to to get some relief then it is time to visit a doctor, don’t you think? You should not even let it get to that point.

Here are a few mentions of how you can get relief from headaches without taking medication;


1. Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can be harmful t health and it is always important to try and get enough sleep.

Sleep plays an essential role in one’s overall wellbeing, and at times lack of sleep can be the cause of headaches for some people.

A study conducted between groups that slept for less than six hours a night and those that slept for more than six hours found that the group that slept for less than six were more likely to get headaches.

Your body also needs to rest, so do it a favor and let it rest because getting regular sleep is equally as important as eating a balanced diet, exercising.

2. Exercise

Physical activity has been proven to be one of the successful ways one get relief from constant headaches. Selecting a fitting workout routine when you are dealing with a headache should be done with care.

Go for workouts that are not too intense, or jarring. That means this would not be the ideal time to do HIIT workouts or kickboxing, but instead opt for something soothing like yoga.

On the other hand, exercise has been known to increase the production of endorphins, which are commonly referred to as feel-good hormones. Regular exercise also relieves headaches.

3. Eat well

Can eating a balanced diet help you manage migraine without requiring medication? What if you were required to eliminate some foods from your diet, would you do it?
Your eating habits assist also assist in preventing headaches

This is mostly applicable to people who suffer from diet-triggered problems.

What are diet triggered headaches? It’s when one suffers from headaches after eating some foods.

How often do your headaches occur? Have you noticed any relationship between their occurrences and your consumption of particular foods? Because if that is the case, you should monitor which foods are most likely to leave you with a headache.

Here are some of the foods which have been associated with headaches;

  • Aged cheese
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Avocados
  • Chicken Livers
  • Smoked fish
  • Cold foods
  • pizza
  • Nuts, and others

That is not to say that the foods listed above are solely responsible for the headaches you’ve been getting.

4. Rehydrate your body

Did you know that your body relies on the water more than it relies on food to survive?

Dehydration worsens headaches and migraines, and it is vital that one is always rehydrated.

Sometimes, headaches are direct results of the body not having enough fluids.

When the body is dehydrated, the fluid loss causes the brain to shrink, and this is the resulting headaches most people experience. It is known as dehydration headache and can be corrected by merely drinking water.

It is advisable to consume at least three liters.

5. Limit alcohol consumption

Most liquors and wines contain ethanol, and this is known to be one of the frequent causes of headaches, and as a diuretic, it speeds up the excretion of important electrolytes from the body.

The situation worsens for individuals who are more prone to getting migraines and headaches.

Do you remember the worst hangover you ever had? Of course, it was a direct result from your drinking, but did you think it would be that bad?

Tips that work:

  • For every bottle or glass of alcohol you consume, drink a glass of water to balance it out.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach
  • Set your limits and drink responsibly

It is crucial for you to be self-aware about the impacts alcohol has on you. Limit it’s consumption especially if you are prone to headaches and migraines without taking a drink.

6. Eat foods containing low histamine levels

Histamine is found in certain foods, and it plays a role in some of the body system functions. Cutting out or reducing histamine levels is advisable for people who are prone to getting headaches.

7. Essential oils

Did you know that essential oils play a significant role in healing headaches? They contain menthol which helps to relax the muscles.

The most cot used for headaches are peppermint and lavender, and they can either be applied topically or ingested.

8. Herbal tea

For a long time, people have used herbs to relieve tension and cure headaches. Ginger tea, feverfew, peppermint, coriander, valerian, and butterbur are the most commonly used.

9. Massage

Who wouldn’t want a whole body-relaxing massage?

Studies show that a short massage session can relieve headaches. When you are not able to get a full body massage, you can opt for a neck, and head rub will also ease the tension and improve blood flow.

10. Meditation

Meditation has been proven to relieve headaches and reduce stress levels. It is also proven to alleviate physical and mental health problems.

11. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a timeless chines practice in which the practitioner inserts needles into particular points on the body, and this helps the body to better fight infections and releases headaches. It is also recognized by the World Health Organizations as a pain relief method.

12. Reduce stress

90 percent of the time, headaches occur when we were stressed.
Once you realize the stressful situations in your life, the first step should be to step away from them. Put some distance between yourself and the situation.

Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, surround yourself with a positive social circle, your friends usually are a sound support system

Manage your stress levels, and you may not see the need o use medications to cure your headaches.

13. Heating pads and cold packs

If you have access to water, fire, and water bottle, you may not need to take medication to cure your headaches. The solution lies in getting yourself a heating pad and staying calm for about an hour.

You can place the heating pad on your neck or at the back of your head, and this will relax your muscles thereby alleviating the headache.

Cold presses also help relieve pain by reducing inflammations.

14. Coffee

Caffeine, found in coffees and teas can sometimes provide relief from headaches and pain. They speed up the effects of some medications, and also improve alertness and moods.

Over dependency on coffee can also lead to headaches, and it should be taken in moderation.

15. Avoid bright lights

Light sensitivity can at times lead to problems, and it is advisable for people who are sensitive to light to avoid bright lights.

Most people rely on technology and mobile phones as well as computers are part of our daily routines. It might help to reduce the brightness on these devices so as not to trigger headaches.

Headaches can be hard to deal with, so whenever there is a need to, take time off and take care of your needs. Pamper yourself and feel better.

It is essential to know these home remedies, do not disregard the need for a doctor if the headache is consistent.

Sometimes medicine can be the only cure that works for headaches.

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June 17, 2021
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