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15 Headache Relief Pressure Points To Press for Instant Headache Relief

Anyone who has suffered from headache certainly knows it can make life a living hell. It can get very nasty that you can’t work, drive or even have a conversation. Natural home remedies for headaches don’t wreak havoc on your body, and you are less likely to be over-dependent on them like other over the counter medicines. The "go-to" first action is by pressing a few pressure points on various parts of the body releases tension and stimulates energy flow. The blood vessels get dilated, and this, in turn, relaxes muscle tissue and thus your headache is relieved. This method is commonly referred to as acupressure. There are many headache relief pressure points that are used to relieve the tension of the headaches; and here, let’s look at the most simple ones you can do on your own without expert assistance. It is required that you be in a relaxed state of mind and environment. You may achieve this by breathing in and out deeply and try to take your mind to a peaceful place. It’s also quite advisable to choose the best posture you will be using for this exercise. You can either decide to sit on the ground with your legs apart or lie facing upwards or lie facing down. Headache relieving exercises can be done several times a day. You can also do this as often as you need or until all the pain is gone. The pressure is applied using your fingers. Don’t press so firm that it hurts. Believe it or not, but most headaches relief pressure points are found on various parts of the body and not necessarily on the head. For example; the points can be on the neck, shoulders, hands, feet and many other areas.

Here are some of the pressure points that can be used to relieve headache;

Here are some of the pressure points that can be used to relieve headache;

1. The union valley

It is located between your thumb and the index finger of both your hands and feet. Pinch this area with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand firmly for 10 seconds. Make small circles with your thumb in one direction and do the same to the other hand. This point when pressed relieves tension in the head and neck, and it is also believed to alleviate most kinds of headaches.

2. Drilling bamboo

These points are located in the middle of either side of the spot where the nose meets the ridge of your eyebrows. Use both your index fingers to apply pressure on both points at once, hold for 10 seconds then release and repeat. This headache relief pressure point relieves head pains caused by eye strain and sinus pressure, and it is the most popular form of headaches self-treatment.  

3. Gates of consciousness

These points are located at the base of the skull in the parallel areas between two vertical neck muscles. You should place your middle and index finger of either hand onto these points. Press firmly upwardly on both sides at once for 10 seconds, release and repeat. You can add more pressure for better results. It won’t cause any harm to that specific part.  

4. The third eye

The third eye is not an actual eye, but a point located between your two eyebrows where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead. Apply firm pressure using the index finger of one hand to this area for 1 minute, and this will reduce eye strain and sinus headache. The procedure also gives a moment of calmness and helps in clearing mental blockages.  

5. Shoulder well

The point located at the edge of your shoulder, halfway between your shoulder point and base of your neck. You may use the thumb of one hand to apply firm, circular pressure for 1 minute then switch and repeat on the other side. It relieves headaches removing stiffness in your neck and shoulders.  

6. A brain reflex point

A brain reflex point is found on the fleshy part behind the big toe of both feet. Make small circles with your thumb in the fleshy part or pinch on the pad of the toe and index finger for 10 seconds, release and repeat. This will help release congested energy and ease your headache.  

7. The eye reflex point

Where is this located? The eye reflex point is found between the base of the second and third toes on both feet. Apply pressure with your thumbs for 10 seconds and release. Alternatively, make circles with your thumbs. These simulations relieve the headache caused by eye strain which often results from exposure to bright light for a long time.  

8. Neck reflex point

It is usually located at the base of the big toe on both feet. Apply pressure for 10 seconds and make small circles using your thumbs. Blood circulation to the neck is increased, and hence your headache will be relieved.  

9. A wind mansion headache relief pressure point

It is found in the middle of your neck or hollow under the base of your skull. Press here with your thumb and hold for a minute then release. Please try to breathe normally for best results.  

10. Facial beauty pressure point

It is located on the outer side of each nostril near the bottom of your cheekbone. Place both your index fingers at the bottom of your cheekbones alongside each one of your nostrils. Press, hold for a minute and release. Pressure applied to this point will reduce stiffness in your jaw which is the primary cause of tension and sinus headaches.  

11. Manipulative points

There is a group of points that curve around the outer ear on your skull. They are called manipulative points. Apply simple circular pressure on these points. This should be done on both the ears, and it will give your head a soothing sensation.  

12. Nostrils

The primary function of the nostril is to breathe, but it also services as a pressure point for headache relief. Pinch the nostril on the opposite of the septum. Likewise, simulate that point in a circular motion. This momentarily relieves severe headaches.  

13. Ears

Place your middle index finger on that small bit of cartilage in the center of your ear. Move your finger forward an inch, open and close your jaw. You should feel a slight depression. Finally place your middle, index and ring fingers on that spot and massage it in small circular directions.  

14. Top of the head

Vertex headaches are often caused by stress. They can be relieved by placing the middle finger into the highest point of your head and make small circular moves. This should be done on either side of your skull towards your ears. You keep breathing while you apply pressure on this point. You will be able to relieve neck stiffness, headache, emotional congestion and many more.  

15. Neck joint

Give a gentle squeeze at the end where the shoulders meet your neck. It will send energy down your body. This pressure point is going to make you feel amazing within a few moments. Although many medications are used to relieve headaches, it is would be best not to get used to them as they can result in addiction. Some drugs like acetaminophen if taken consistently, can cause liver damage, in rare cases, they can also cause kidney damage. Overuse of aspirin and ibuprofen can result in stomach pains. If you have to use them, kindly consult a specialist. The increased usage of pain-relief drugs do you more harm than good, and they often result in health complications. Non-medicinal remedies have been used to relieve headache pains for a long time. The above-highlighted points sum up acupressure on headache pain revival. Acupressure has been most paramount in traditional Chinese medicine [TSM. It is still in use today, and this is a testimony of its effectiveness in the treatment of illness and pain complications It is advisable that you be patient and consistent when applying pressure on the acupressure points. You can either massage the points yourself or let another person do it for you. We can make a sound judgment that treating headache pains without medication is the best way to go. It helps save on extra costs and also, helps your body relax and be assured of being relieved of stress. Dealing with stress can be very cumbersome. Just remember that this is a complementary method of treating headaches. Consider seeking out medical help in case you have a recurring or intense headache. You are the one who knows your body better. You should be able to identify what triggered the headache in the first place. Some of the factors may be;
  • Light
  • Allergies
  • Overworking
  • Stress.
The good thing is these triggers can be avoided. For example, avoid much exposure to light, stop overworking or exercise. They are usually assumed, but they do play a significant role in relieving of headaches. Research is still ongoing in finding complete cures for headaches. Treatment is always aimed at preventing a full-blown attack and alleviating the symptoms that may occur. Using acupressure on headache relief pressure points has been proven to work and has helped people get relief from headaches. It is worth a try to see how effective they can be.
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