What are Causes of Swollen Under, & Above Eyebrow Bone Area

A swollen eyebrow area can change the way you look. Given the conspicuous positioning of the face, there may not be much to conceal it. What could cause a swollen eyebrow bone?

We explore this and other related issues such as swollen under or above the eye, swollen piercing, and many more to see what can be done and how to avoid such situations.

What does swollen eyebrow mean?

What does swollen eyebrow mean?

If one eyebrow is swollen, it may be caused by an infection or allergies. If the swelling occurs on both sides, there is a higher chance that thyroid disease and fungal infections are present.

Why is My Under Eyebrow Swollen?

An eyebrow infection can be caused by irritation from tweezing, ingrown eyebrow hair, or a new or infected eyebrow piercing. If the infection causes pain, swelling, bleeding, or drainage, you should have it checked by a doctor.

How do you get rid of swelling above your eyebrows? (Swollen eyebrow area)

What are Causes of Swollen Under, & Above Eyebrow Bone Area

A swollen eyebrow involves the area surrounding the eyes. The swelling may be accompanied by irritation, itch, and infections. The severity of the swelling depends on its causes.

Treatment for swelling around the eyebrow will also be determined by the cause. Below we explore various causes and their appropriate form of treatment that will help relieve the swelling fast.

1. Eyebrow Piercing

What are Causes of Swollen Under, & Above Eyebrow Bone Area

A piercing on the eyebrow can cause the area around it to swell. This is more so where it develops an infection due to poor aftercare. This results in pain, drainage, and bleeding. Where infection occurs, it might be important to seek the opinion of your piercer to see if you should remove the piercing and how to best take care of the hole so it does not close up.

2. Allergic reactions, sinus, and swollen eyebrows

What are Causes of Swollen Under, & Above Eyebrow Bone Area

This is another cause of a swollen eyebrow area. Allergic reactions may be accompanied by an inflammation of the sinus. When you use facial and cosmetics products that contain ingredients your skin is sensitive to, a swelling may result. 

This could be a new brand of eye shadow or eye pencil. Inhaling or getting into contact with things your skin is allergic to could as well cause reactions.

With this kind of situation, applying a cold compress will help to soothe the inflammation. In case it does not die out with time, you may have to consult a doctor on the same so they can administer relevant antihistamines.

3. Hair Removal: waxing and plucking may cause swollen eyebrows

What are Causes of Swollen Under, & Above Eyebrow Bone Area

The eyebrow area is made up of hairs that a lot of people use to define their faces. Eyebrow hair shaping processes can result in a swollen eyebrow area. You are likely to experience swelling after plucking and waxing of the eyebrows. Shaving can as well result in ingrown hairs which in the end cause the formation of bumps and swelling around the affected area.

 4. Infection

What are Causes of Swollen Under, & Above Eyebrow Bone Area

Where infections are the cause of swelling, the effect could be on one or both eyes. This may manifest itself as plain swelling or in bumps.

Other secondary causes of infections on the eyebrow area could be piercings and ingrown hairs. Injuries may also cause swellings. It is therefore not a wonder to have swelling after getting hit.

Where this is the case, refrain from handling the area as this could spread the infection further. Also avoid using the hair removal, makeup, and facial washes until the infection resolves.

Where the infection is fungal, you may notice redness, itching, and some elevated patches of plaques.

If the infection persists, there may be loss of eyebrow hairs and scarring. Such infections can be treated using antifungal creams. Where they are severe, an oral drug may be administered.

5. Thyroid problems – Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

Overactive thyroid results in puffy eyelids, swelling and bulging of the eyes. On the other hand, an underactive thyroid gland affects the growth of body hair.

A late sign of hypothyroidism is the thinning of eyebrows. These conditions can cause swelling of the eyebrows as one of the symptoms.

6. Swollen Eyebrow Bone after hit

A swollen eyebrow bone can result from a number of things. An orbital rim fracture causes swelling to nearby parts of the eye.

It is approximated that out of the many traumatic injuries occurring each year in the United States, 85 percent results from accidents, at work, during contact sports, and in car crashes. The rest is as a result of violent attacks. Compared to women, men are four times more likely to suffer traumatic eye injuries. In most cases, the injury occurs at home

Another cause for swelling around the eyebrow bone area could be a sebaceous cyst. With this type of swelling, treatment can be done using a hot compress or a heating pad.

This method is effective because it tends to melt the components of the cyst which are mainly hardened deposits of sebum for reabsorption into the body.

Place the compress on the swelling for 15 minutes two times daily until the cyst disappears. The compress used should be a sterile one to avoid infections.

Swollen under Eyebrow

Swelling under the eyebrow can be a result of a direct impact subjected to the face. Where the force is too much, it may result in extensive injuries in other facial bones.

Where the injury is only limited to the area around the eye, it may as well result in other injuries to it. This includes damage to the eye muscles, optic nerve, tear duct as well as sinuses. The injury may be on the upper edge of the eye rim or on the eye’s lower rim. All these injuries may result in swelling under the eyebrow.

 Swelling above eyebrow, inflammation, after botox, headache

Swelling above the eyebrow is mostly a sign of another problem. This could extend to the area around the forehead. In most cases, the condition is not considered serious.  

The cause may be a result of skin issues or some internal condition. Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction that results when the skin touches a substance it is sensitive to.

These could include fabrics, fragrances, cosmetics, or metals. After the contact, the area could itch, become red, and swell.

To soothe the irritation and treat the swelling, you can make use of topical corticosteroids.

Forehead swelling above the eyebrow could result from overexposure to the sun. This can give you serious skin inflammation leading to slight blistering and swelling.

For sunburns to heal, it is necessary for the skin to regenerate new cells. With certain treatments such as aloe vera and cold compresses, the burns can be soothed and the formation of new cells hastened.

The area above the eyebrow is prone to sebaceous cysts. When they form around the forehead, swelling and pain may be experienced.

Sebaceous cysts are small bumps that develop when the sebaceous glands of the skin produce excess sebum. As a result, the oil collects beneath the skin and a cyst is formed. This is what results in some swellings on the eyebrow and eyelid.

Physical injury is yet another cause of swelling above the eyebrow. This can be around the forehead and surrounding areas such as the temples and eyelid. This occurs when the area is subjected to trauma leading to the buildup of fluids which is seen as a swelling.

With this kind of injury, treating the area with a cold compress will help to reduce swelling. This though should only be used where the injury is minor. Where the swelling is associated with other symptoms such as fever, severe headaches, and nausea, medical attention should be sought immediately as these could be indicative of serious internal injuries.

After Botox injections on the forehead, it is possible to get complaints regarding swellings above the eyebrow from patients. In such cases, this results from a descent of the brow tissue bringing the eyebrow down as well.

Once this happens, the thick skin tends to rest lower than normal and thus appear swollen. This should resolve with time.

 Swollen Eyebrow Pimple or Spot on Eyebrow Swollen

Where a tiny spot on the eyebrow appears to be swollen, this could be a pimple. These appear on the face when there is an accumulation of dirt, oil, and bacteria around the hair follicles.

When one has a pimple, it is advisable to resist squeezing it out as this could cause the bacteria to get trapped deeper into the skin. It could also make you end up with acne marks and scars. Instead, settle for home remedies for pimples as well as over-the-counter treatments.

If you can, avoid using makeup on the pimple. Where you have to, only use a small amount of concealer makeup to avoid piling up more impurities on it.

 Swollen Eyebrow after Piercing

Another common instance when the eyebrow swells is after a piercing. Generally, an eyebrow piercing will be experienced within the first week of the procedure.

Within this time, it will keep getting better. However, within the eyebrow piercing healing period, infections could occur.

This could result in irritation and swelling. Proper aftercare should be carried out to avoid this. Also, ensure that you only use metals you are not allergic to. The initial piercing ring should remain intact until the area is completely healed. This could take up to eight weeks.

 Swollen Eyebrow Treatment

The form of treatment given to a swollen eyebrow depends on a number of things. Where the cause is an injury resulting from trauma, some suturing may need to be done in case the injury is severe.

Where it is minor, some topical treatment will be. This can be acquired over the counter or one can make use of home remedies.

Swellings as a result of sinus problems, piercings, or contact dermatitis require the treatment of the underlying cause if they are to be eliminated

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