How to Make a Headache Go Away Fast Without Medicine in 15 Ways

Getting rid of headaches without the use of medication:

A large number of people suffer from headaches. It is a common especially amongst the elderly. It can be a sign of emotional distress or stress or some systemic or chronic disease. It causes many other problems like people to find it difficult to focus on their studies and daily work. It disturbs their daily activities. In most cases it is idiopathic and its causes can`t be ruled out. Headache affects people regardless of age, gender or race. Almost half of the adults experience it at some point in their life.


The different Types of headaches:

There are many types of headaches according to the nature of pain


Tension headache:

It is the most common form of headache. In this type, the patient feels a tight band around their head and a dull aching pain.


Cluster headache:

They last up to 15 to 30 minutes. This type of headache occurs two to three times a day. These are severe and short lasting usually affect one side of the brain.



These types of headaches cause pulsating, throbbing intense pain on one side of the head. These headaches are also accompanied by

  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Sensory disturbances
  • Lightheadedness.


Rebound headaches

Rebound headaches occur as a result of misuse or side effects of medication used for headaches. They usually begin early in the day and persist throughout the day. It is relieved by medication but worsens when their effects wear off.


What causes a headache?

(IHS) International Headache Society classifies headaches by their association with other diseases and either they are caused by other disease or not.


Primary headaches:

Primary headaches are stand-alone diseases that are caused by overactivity or some problem of the structures present in the head. These structures include blood vessels, muscles, nerves, of the head and neck area. It can also be a result of chemical alteration in the brain. Cluster headaches, migraine, and stress headaches are all primary headaches. Their exact mechanism is unknown but it is believed that they are due to some neuronal or muscular anomaly triggered by some activity or habit.


Secondary headache:

Secondary headaches are those that are stimulated by some other systemic disease that stimulates pain sensory nerve endings. In other words, they are a symptom of another disease. The headache can be caused by a wide variety of diseases blood clot, trauma, hypoxia, brain tumor, hemorrhages, ice freeze, carbon monoxide poisoning, dehydration, concussion, glaucoma, stroke, etc.

Headaches can be a sign of very severe disorder and if it is persistent and chronic seek medical advice.

Blood pressure, diabetes, and malnutrition some genetic disorder, smoking, and another predisposing factor must be ruled out in order to confirm the cause of headache.


10 Ways to cure a headache without the use of medication:


  1. Drink Plenty of Water:

Drink plenty of waterDaily intake of water can prevent headaches and reduce their effectiveness. Dehydration can be a cause of some multiple headaches and discomfort. Studies show that less water intake can induce mood changes and can alter the feelings or thinking of a person. Studies showed that even slight dehydration can have noticeable effects on human behavior and a general state of uneasiness is observed in such persons.

Getting hydrated means to drink plenty of water periodically over the course of time. We can also get water from foods rich in fluids such as fruits, soups, and shakes.


2. Cold and Warm compress:

cold or hot compress headacheCold and warm compress is extremely helpful in reducing headaches. These compresses are an immediate treatment to cure headaches.

A cold compress is a simple treatment that people can have at hand. By applying an ice pack or cold item to the head and neck region can help reduce headache. It is because a cold sensation can help in constricting the blood vessels and reduce inflammation. A study showed that 30 minutes of cold compress was helpful in reducing migraine.

In cases of tension headache and stress where there is tightening of muscles, warm compression can help relax them. It can be as simple as a warm towel or a hot bath or shower can also help relieve a tension headache.


3. Massage headache relief pressure points:

headache relief pressure pointsSometimes a physical pressure or situation can be the reason for the headache. So, removing that physical reason can relieve pressure and will help to reduce the tension of the headache. The physical pressure can be as simple as a ponytail that females use to bind their hair. Some people can get a headache by wearing lens, hat, caps or glasses. You can check for anything that is putting pressure on your head for too long.


4. Turning down the lights:

Turning down the lights:People who stare continuously at bright lights in the form of smartphones at home or laptops and computers in offices are more prone to develop headaches. Some people become sensitive to bright light and it can aggravate their headache. The best way to relieve such headaches is to dim the light or rest in a dark room.


5. Exercise:

headache relief exercise yoga tipsExercise is the best way to prevent any type of headache. When you do an exercise, the circulation in your body increases and you remain fit. Your body muscles become active and provide you with an efficient way to keep yourself healthy. Thus, there would be less chance for the headache to occur.


6. Get Adequate Sleep:

Get Adequate SleepAdequate sleep is required for the proper functioning of our body. Less or more sleep not only has a harmful effect on our body, but it can also cause different types of headaches. Daily sleep of 7 to 9 hours is beneficial in not only preventing but also removing headache.


7. Relaxation Techniques for Headache relief:

 Relaxation Techniques for Headache relief:A number of relaxation techniques are available that help in relaxing our body. Some of these include deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. Acupuncture is a Chinese method of boosting body energy. A number of needles are placed into the surface of the skin. The purpose of acupuncture is not to harm our body but to increase our body energy and prevent migraine and tension headaches or reduce their energy.

Massaging the pressure points may also be fruitful. Some people do it instinctively when they are experiencing a headache. Rubbing the area between the eyebrows and sides of your head can help to reduce headaches effectively.


8. Caffeine and herbal tea:

Caffeine and herbal tea:Caffeine has the property of relaxing our blood vessels those results in smooth circulation. So, caffeine and caffeine products such as tea, coffee, and soda are effective in reducing migraine. Most of the headache management drugs also contain caffeine as a component. Studies have also shown that caffeine has the potential to reduce the frequency of headaches.

Herbal tea not only adds water to our diet but it also has many beneficial natural compounds that are helpful in headaches. Ginger tea, according to some studies, is extremely helpful in migraines. Peppermint, chamomile, and lavender are some herbs that are present in calming teas.


9. Essential oils and Vitamins:

Aromatherapy uses special oils that are useful in reducing headaches. In 2018, a study showed that inhaling lavender oil for around 15 m9nutes not just only reduce headache but also freshens your mind and body. Similarly, Peppermint oil is extremely useful in reducing tension headaches. Some individuals may be bothered by the aroma of some essential oils and experimenting with different oils that a person feels relaxing may help in eradicating headaches.

Vitamin B is easily available in the form of supplements in the market. Different types of Vitamin B including B6, B12 and foliate help reduce migraines and preventing headache symptoms. Some Vitamin B helps against headaches and reduces them. Vitamin E also helps to reduce migraines and migraine symptoms caused during menstruation. These vitamins have low to no side effects. Vitamin E is helpful for menstruating females because it balances their hormonal level along with treating migraines.


10 Avoiding strong smells and reducing alcohol consumption:

Some people feel uncomfortable around strong, pungent smells. Strong smells of paint, petrol, and perfumes irritate most people. To help prevent headaches from these sources, one must try to avoid visiting these places.

Use of excessive alcohol is harmful to our body and it also causes severe headaches. Headaches are one of the most common side effects of alcohol. Even with mild drinking people can experience long term headache. Alcohol also causes dehydration which further exaggerates headache symptoms. Anyone who is uncertain of the effects of alcohol on him should try limiting the use of alcohol in daily life.


Is a headache disease?

Headache may not be a disease but it might be the symptom of many diseases. It is a chronic pain that makes our daily life work difficult. It creates a sense of irritation and anger if persisted for long type. Headache is of different types depending upon the area in pain and duration. Cluster headache, tension headache, and migraine are some of its types. Headaches do not always require medical treatment. They can easily be treated at home using different remedies. Water, herbal tea, essential oils, sleep, and exercise are some of the remedies that can help you escape headache. If the headache persists for more than normal days, you must see a doctor nearby.




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