Home Remedies for Energy with Natural and Herbal Energy Boosters

At times things can get tough and you may end up feeling drained. This can be frustrating. You do not need to worry though as there are different home remedies for energy. These do not have to be the commercial energy boosters which may at times contain harmful ingredients. Natural energy boosters including herbal ones work out great without the disadvantages of regular stimulants contained in commercial products. We get into the details of how to use them.

Fatigue and a general state of lack of energy once in a while is normal. However, where this keeps on recurring and we are plagued by a sense of tiredness that is manifested in a lack of physical strength and a need for extra effort all the time, this should be of concern to us. When fatigue persists, it could be as a result of medical or non-medical factors. Where the cause is medical, a doctor should be seen immediately. Non-medical fatigue can be as a result of sleep deficiency, emotional stress, lack of enough nutrients, too much physical labor and skipping meals.

Home Remedies for Energy – Best Natural Energy Boosters

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Fortunately, this can be fixed using home remedies for energy. These natural energy boosters are readily available and only need to be incorporated into our lifestyle. Below we discuss some of the home remedies for energy loss.


Bananas contain natural sugars that help to give an immediate energy boost. They also are a great source of potassium which is an important mineral in the conversion of sugar into energy. Its fiber also plays a great role in maintaining glucose levels in the blood.

  1. For immediate results, eat a banana or two when you feel hungry. A banana smoothie or shake will also work wonders.
  2. For long term energy boost, eat a ripe banana with a tablespoon of honey daily.


These contain vitamin E which helps you fight the feeling of weakness and help you feel energetic. Magnesium contained in them helps to change carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy. Mild deficiencies in magnesium could also cause fatigue which is compensated by consuming almonds.

  1. To get an instant energy boost, carry with you some roasted almonds and consume some whenever you feel like you are running out of energy.
  2. You could also soak some almonds, raisins and figs in water overnight. Consume the resulting water in the morning and consume the almonds, figs and raisins in that order as well.


Milk has vitamin B which is vital in reducing general weakness. It also has calcium which is necessary in keeping bones and muscles strong.

  1. To boost your energy, add a teaspoon of honey into a cup of milk and drink it. You could also boil three figs in a cup of milk and drink the milk.
  2. Alternatively, add one teaspoon of clarified butter into a glass of milk and drink it twice every day especially where the source of weakness is loss of blood.

Indian Gooseberry

This fruit that is also known as amla is very nutritious. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C, phosphorous and iron. These go a long way in boosting energy and strengthening the immune system in the long run.

  1. Remove the seeds from a few fruits and using a juicer extract fresh juice from them.
  2. Mix it with an equal amount of honey and take a tablespoon of it three times in a day.


This great antioxidant can give you instant energy. It is also calming and soothing giving an instant effect on the nerves. This though is not appropriate for persons with high blood pressure. Below is how to retrieve its energy boost.

  1. Slice a ginseng root into tiny pieces.
  2. In three cups of water, simmer the pieces for 15 minutes and on low heat.
  3. Strain the mixture, add some honey to taste and leave to cool.
  4. Drink a cup in the morning for an energetic day.


This herb also helps to fight symptoms of weakness. It boosts adrenal hormones produced by the body which gives the body energy and enhances metabolism.

  1. Take a glass of milk enriched in a teaspoon of licorice and honey. Drink this twice within the day to boost energy.

Note that licorice can raise your blood pressure and you should consult a doctor first if you are to take it on regular basis.


These juicy and sweet fruits are great sources of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They are a source of sugar that converts into energy. They are also rich in dietary fiber and minerals such as copper, magnesium and potassium. The iron in them will help to fight anemia by ensuring there are enough red blood cells in the body.

  1. When you are feeling weak, drink a mango milkshake to accelerate the generation of energy.
  2. In case you have lost blood, cut mango slices and sprinkle on them a teaspoon of honey, some rose water and cardamom powder. Eat this twice each day to keep your energy levels manageable.


This is a low calorie fruit that is a great addition to your healthy diet. They are a source of vitamin C which works as an antioxidant. This keeps off free radicals, enhances repair of worn out tissues and boosts immunity. Straw berries also have a lot of water and manganese fiber which are beneficial for your overall health.

  1. Take a glass of strawberry juice when you are feeling weak.
  2. You can also consume the straw berries for a high fiber low calorie source of energy.

Coffee boosts mental energy

Caffeine found in coffee helps to keep the brain alert and boost your mental energy. This improves focus and endurance. Coffee should only be taken in moderation without exceeding two cups in a day. This will help keep you from abusing it which could result in addiction.

Oat Straw Extract

This is an all-natural energy booster. It has no caffeine nor sugar. It has been found to expand blood vessels in the brain and thus improve the functioning of the brain. Since the extract is subtle and you can barely feel its taste, you can add two teaspoons in your morning juice.

Kiwi Fruit

According to doctoroz.com, the kiwi fruit has twice the potassium found in a banana and twice the vitamin C in an orange. It also has a high fiber content that helps to keep you full and prevent your energy levels from dropping. Consuming two kiwis each day will give you all the energy you need to get through the day at only 100 calories.

Hydrating Foods

At times, your energy levels may sink due to dehydration. Where this is the case, taking hydrating elements will help. You can do this by taking a few glasses of water or consuming hydrating foods. In case you are wondering what foods give you energy, radishes, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers will go a long way in keeping you well hydrated. You can add them to your lunch salad to boost your energy in the afternoon.

Iced Pineapple Tea

Tea tends to have caffeine in the right amount while pineapple juice will act as a sweetener instead of using sugar which will give you an instant energy boost but later make your energy crash. Just add pineapple juice to your favorite tea for an energy boost.

Lemonade Water

Lemons contain vitamins for energy necessary to keep you going. The infused water also keeps you well hydrated. The lemon flavor also makes the water more enjoyable to take. Take this as a pick me up when you wake up feeling sluggish and throughout the day.

Green Tea

Green tea has tones of nutrients, caffeine and a great flavor. It also keeps you well hydrated. When taken in the morning, it will keep you going the whole day. Have a cup of green tea in the morning to start your day.

Natural Remedies for Energy

Other than foods and beverages to boost energy, there are other forms of natural remedies for energy. These do not have much to do with consumption but are activities that you can engage in to boost your energy levels throughout the day. They are as discussed below.

Deep Breathing: When you are stressed and worked up, breathing becomes more rapid. This could decrease the flow of oxygen to the brain. Whenever you notice your energy running out, place your tongue’s tip behind your upper teeth and inhale up to counts of four. Hold your breath for up to seven counts and then exhale. Repeat this until you feel better.

Ditch Energy Drainers: To increase your energy in the long run, keep good company. Avoid as much as you can negative people who leave you stressed up and in a low mood as these will greatly drain your energy. Avoid people that leave you feeling bored or anxious as well.

Walk: Walking is said to be an instant energizer. A ten minutes’ walk will help you overcome fatigue and increase your energy for two hours.

Lifestyle Change: If you are continuously low on energy, it may have something to do with your way of life. This may require you to adopt a total makeover. This could include changes in the way you eat, exercise and drink. Evaluate what it is that could be draining your energy and make appropriate changes.

Essential Oils: Most essential oils come with a relaxing fragrance. To get your energetic feeling back, put a few drops of peppermint or rosemary oil on a handkerchief, hold it to your nose and inhale. Adding a few drops of the oil to bath water can also be invigorating.

Elevation: Elevating your lower part of the body helps to fight fatigue by increasing blood flow to the brain. This plays a great role in promoting alertness. Use some pillows to prop up your feet to a level higher than that which your head is at.

Sleep Hygiene: Getting enough sleep is important at keeping you feeling energized the whole day. Go to sleep and awake at the same time so your body can get acquainted to a regular sleep schedule. In case you need more sleep, retire earlier but ensure you wake up at your normal time.

Chew: The process of chewing exercises the jaw muscles. Eating something crunchy such as carrots or pretzels can help to keep you alert and is one of the ways on how to boost energy naturally. Chewing spearmint or peppermint gum will also help exercise the muscles while at the same time giving you a burst of energy from their scent and flavor.

Supplements: Other than these, you can settle for natural energy supplements. Supplementing the body’s coenzyme Q10 aids the mitochondria in processing energy. This supplement is best processed when taken with food. Take pills of 30milligrams two times per day. Taking multivitamins can also help to boost your nutritional intake.

Herbs for Energy

There also are some herbs for energy that play a great role in boosting energy. With the herbs, you can make some tea, inhale their scent or even consume than as spices in your food depending on whether you want an instant or long term effect. Below are some herbal home remedies for tiredness.

Rosemary: In case you have some dry rosemary stems in your kitchen, crush some and catch a whiff of it. The fragrance will work as an invigorating stimulant

Siberian Ginseng

This is popular among athletes and is an effective herbal remedy for energy. It works by reducing fatigue, increasing stamina and reducing stress. It can be taken as a tea for maximum benefits. This rmedy though is not to be taken by persons with uncontrolled high blood pressure, arthritis or lupus.

Stinging Nettle

Another one of the great herbal remedies for energy is stinging nettle. Stinging nettle tea is said to give more energy than coffee does while not bothering you with the negative effects of a stimulant. This herb is filled with minerals and vitamins. Brew some infused tea by adding dried nettle leaves and allowing it to brew overnight. Drink this each day.

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